We cannot all be Mayor.

I am grateful for the support that my friends provided. I truly enjoyed the campaign. Dan, Tim and I set a standard for civility in our campaigns and regard for the residents of Glens Falls. I wish Dan success in the new administration.

The Mission is key to success

The administration of the City of Glens Falls has been content to operate without an explicit Mission. You can have talented employees, managers and supervisors doing all the right things. But, without a Mission, their organization will stagnate. You can read more here about the importance of a Mission.

The City of Glens Falls is in such a circumstance. Please view my recent statement from the October 29, 2017 Candidates’ Forum at the Crandall Public Library. You will hear about a new Mission for the City of Glens Falls.

You can also visit WTEN’s recent coverage to see the contrast between myself and the other two mayoral candidates.

Talk to the Hand

That’s how I feel while waiting at South and Glen or at Hudson and Elm. I’m a detail person, and am indulging in a rant over the setup of our pedestrian crossings. Please bear with me.

Wait awhile

When I push the button and wait for the pedestrian signal to change, it takes a while, and then a while longer, and sometimes a bit longer. When I do get the signal to cross, I must remain wary of vehicles turning left and right. Yes, there are rules that turning vehicles must yield to pedestrians. We also know how well everyone follows the rules of the road. If compliance is 99%, do I still look forward to each crossing? What happens when I  cross the 100th time? Is there a way to improve the odds?

Back in May, I visited Troy and wanted to cross both 10th Street and Hoosick Street for a coffee at Stewarts. Hoosick has four lanes, not counting the left-turn lanes. 10th has two lanes with an extra to receive northbound traffic. I figured that, after pushing the button, I would be a tin duck in a shooting gallery. Not so. When my turn came, the traffic signals turned red for all lanes and all pedestrian signals turned white at all corners. For thirty or more seconds, all pedestrians from all directions could cross with confidence. All drivers waited. I crossed eight lanes with plenty of time to spare. Traffic didn’t stack up either.

Prosperity in Downtown requires welcoming pedestrians, and on leaving good impressions with visitors. Thoughtful attention to street crossings is important. We will study several intersections in town. It’s on the “to do” list. Thank you for your attention to my rant.

Details matter

I have visited over a thousand neighbors’ doorsteps since the start of the campaign. I have learned plenty from visiting with my neighbors across the City. I have also learned something important without speaking to anyone … Details matter.

There are numerous rental properties around the City, where you cannot quickly tell Apt 1 from Apt B from Apt 3. Sometimes the mailboxes are marked, and not the doors. Sometimes, nothing is marked. Sometimes, only past residents’ names are present.

Imagine an EMS response where time is wasted finding which dwelling requires assistance. We need property owners to care about EMS response to their properties, and mark the dwellings clearly and consistently. It’s on the Cirino Administration’s “to do” list.

How to save Glens Falls taxpayers $3,000,000

Estimate of City’s annual savings after NY Health Care Act implementation.

Margot and I just left an eye-opening meeting at the Crandall Public Library. The topic was single-payer health care and it supplied an overview of U.S. H.R. 676 and the New York Health Act.

We arrived, hoping to learn if either bill could save our City on its operating expenses. There was a full house and 100% were taxpayers. We got our answer, and there will be more to say. For deeper background from a 2015 presentation, visit this link and stay tuned.